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Beta Theta Pi Bags, Briefcases & Totes

You've landed in the right place if you've been looking for Beta Theta Pi Bags, Briefcases and Totes. There are bags for class, sports, work and overnight stays all in one convenient place.

To choose the right bag for school, first do an evaluation of your average day. What do you have to carry and where you do have to go? Do you play sports? Get yourself a Cinch Sack to use as a gym bag. You can stuff it full of clothes, sneakers and supplies. Have to bring important paperwork to fraternity meetings on and off campus? Get a blue Emblem Briefcase -- it has multiple compartments for papers and electronics and a convenient flap in front for quick access to your files.

If you're the fraternity's chapter president or VP, you'll definitely want to check out the Crest Briefcase Attache. It's the consummate bag for a business man who has a lot on his plate. There's a place in back for files and flyers, a compartment at the center for a laptop or iPad, and a pocket in front for your passport and business cards.

Keep Beta Theta Pi close by at all times when you carry one of these Bags, Briefcases and Totes throughout your day. Order more than one so that you have a choice of bags to tote around throughout the week.