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Famous Greeks

Sep 15th 2021

Thousands of fraternity men have made their marks as actors and musicians. Here is a sampling of Greeks (from NIC member groups) who have been seen on TV and theater screens, along with a list of musicians who have either achieved success or are on the way up.

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Greeks in Entertainment:


Dierks Bentley, Country Singer/Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Film/TV Actors, Comedians, Newscasters, Hosts, Sports Commentators EDDIE ALBERT (Chi Psi) –Actor MARV ALBERT (Sigma Alpha Mu) –Sportscaster JOHN ANISTON (Alpha Chi Rho ) –Actor JAMES ARNESS (Beta Theta Pi) –Actor JOHN ASTIN (Phi Kappa Psi) –Actor JOE DON BAKER (Sigma Phi Epsilon) –Actor SCOTT BAKULA (Phi Gamma Delta) –Actor BOB BALABAN (Phi Kappa Tau) –Actor LANCE BALDWIN (Phi Gamma Delta) —Actor SAGE BANNICK (Sigma Chi) —Actor BOB BARKER (Sigma Nu) —Game show host WARREN BEATTY (Sigma Chi) –Actor MICHAEL BECK (Kappa Alpha Order) –Actor MICHAEL BIEHN (Sigma Nu) –Actor DAVID BIRNEY (Sigma Nu) —Actor MARC BLUCAS (Sigma Phi Epsilon) –Actor POWERS BOOTH (Lambda Chi Alpha) –Actor JACKSON BOSTWICK (Beta Theta Pi) –Actor TERRY BRADSHAW (Tau Kappa Epsilon) —Sports commentator KYLE BRANDT (Beta Theta Pi) –Actor BENJAMIN BRATT (Lambda Chi Alpha) –Actor TOM BRENNAMAN (Beta Theta Pi) –Sportscaster BEAU BRIDGES (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) –Actor CLANCY BROWN (Sigma Chi) — Actor KEVIN BURY (Sigma Chi) –Actor DEAN CAIN (Zeta Psi) –Actor DAVID CANARY (Sigma Chi) –Actor DREW CAREY (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor, comedian, host T.C. CARSON (Iota Phi Theta) —Actor JOE CATIGLIONE (Alpha Delta Phi) —Sportscaster CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER (Kappa Alpha Psi) –Actor CHIP CHINNERY (Delta Tau Delta) —Comedian, actor JAY CHANDRASEKHAR (Beta Theta Pi) –Actor WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER (Sigma Chi) –Actor CHARLES CIOFFI (Sigma Chi) –Actor DICK CLARK (Delta Kappa Epsilon) –Host STEPHEN COLLINS (Alpha Delta Phi) –Actor CHRIS COLLINSWORTH (Alpha Tau Omega) —Sports commentator JOHN CONSIDINE (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor AL CORLEY (Tau Kappa Epsilon) —Actor KEVIN COSTNER (Delta Chi) —Actor WALTER CRONKITE (Chi Phi) —New anchor, commentator JOHN CULLUM (Phi Gamma Delta) –Actor JESSE DABSON (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor WILLIAM DANIELS (Sigma Nu) –Actor LARRY DAVID (Tau Epsilon Phi) –Actor JOHN DAVIDSON (Delta Upsilon) —Actor, host BRUCE DAVISON (Theta Xi) —Actor RICK DEES (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Host, comedian BRIAN DENNEHY (Sigma Chi) —Actor CHRISTOPHER DOUGLAS (Sigma Alpha Epsilon —Actor FRED DREYER (Tau Kappa Epsilon) —Actor JOHN DYE (Phi Gamma Delta) —Actor JEROD EDINGTON (Sigma Chi) —Actor RICH EISEN (Pi Kappa Phi) —Sports anchor, commentator SAM ELLIOTT (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Actor DICK ENBERG (Phi Sigma Kappa) —Sports commentator BILL ENGVALL (Kappa Alpha Order) —Comedian, actor ROB ESTES (Alpha Tau Omega) —Actor BILL FAGERBAKKE (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor EDWARD FAULKNER (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor WILL FERRELL (Delta Tau Delta) —Comedian, actor ROB FITZGERALD (Alpha Tau Omega) —Actor HARRISON FORD (Sigma Nu) —Actor FREDERIC FORREST (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor MATTHEW FOX (Phi Gamma Delta) —Actor SQUIRE FRIDELL (Phi Sigma Kappa) —Actor, spokesman MAX GAIL (Alpha Delta Phi) —Actor JOHN GAVIN (Chi Psi) —Actor FRANK GIFFORD (Phi Sigma Kappa) —Sports commentator CLARENCE GILYARD (Sigma Chi) —Actor PAUL MICHAEL GLASER (Sigma Alpha Mu) —Actor BOB GOEN (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Host JOHN GOODMAN (Sigma Phi Epsilon) —Actor DAVID GOODNOW (Pi Kappa Phi) —News anchor CURT GOWDY (Alpha Tau Omega) —Sports commentator GEORGE GRANDE (Kappa A

[img aria-describedby="caption-attachment-1139" data-attachment-id="1139" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="2185,3000" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"3.2","credit":"Getty Images","camera":"Canon EOS-1D Mark III","caption":"TOKYO - JUNE 05: Actor Harrison Ford attends \"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull\" Japan Premiere at the National Yoyogi Gymnasium on June 5, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. The film will open on June 21 in Japan. (Photo by Junko Kimura\/Getty Images)","created_timestamp":"1212695759","copyright":"2008 Getty Images","focal_length":"300","iso":"800","shutter_speed":"0.004","title":"\"Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull\" Japan Premiere","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="" data-image-description="" data-image-caption="

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" src="" alt="Harrison Ford, Actor/Sigma Nu" width="219" height="300">

Harrison Ford, Actor/Sigma Nu

lpha Order)—Sports commentator PETER GRAVES (Phi Kappa Psi) —Actor, host MERV GRIFFIN (Tau Kappa Epsilon) —Actor, host GEORGE GRIZZARD (Kappa Alpha Order) —Actor TONY HALE (Sigma Chi) –Actor TOM HALLICK (Sigma Chi) —Actor HARRY HAMLIN (Delta Kappa Epsilon) —Actor TOM HAMMOND (Kappa Alpha Order) —Sports commentator JAMES HAMPTON (Kappa Alpha Order —Actor CHRIS HARDWICK (Chi Phi) —Host, actor KEVIN HARLIN (Sigma Chi)—Sportcaster WOODY HARRELSON (Sigma Chi) —Actor BILL HAYES (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Actor KEVIN HEFFERNAN (Beta Theta Pi) –Actor EDWARD HERRMANN (Phi Kappa Psi) —Actor JOEL HIGGINS (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor EDDIE IFFT (Delta Tau Delta) —Comedian ROY JENSON (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor DeWAYNE JESSEE (Tau Kappa Epsilon) —Actor JEFFREY JONES (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor LYLE KANOUSE (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Actor RICHARD KARN (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor, host STACY KEACH (Chi Psi) —Actor PAT KILBANE (Sigma Chi) –Actor, comedian KEVIN KILNER (Phi Gamma Delta) —Actor WORTHEM KIMMER (Sigma Chi) —Actor ARON KINCAID (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor RICHARD KIND (Sigma Alpha Epsilo —Actor GREG KINNEAR (Alpha Tau Omega) —Actor STAN KIRSCH (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor TERRY KISER (Sigma Nu) —Actor CHRIS KLEIN (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Actor ROBERT KLEIN (Zeta Beta Tau) —Comedian, actor DON KNOTTS (Phi Sigma Kappa) —Actor TED KOPPEL (Pi Kappa Alpha) —News anchor, host ASHTON KUTCHER (Delta Chi) —Actor BURT KWOUK (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor JIM LANGE (Phi Gamma Delta) —Host FRANK LANGELLA (Alpha Chi Rho ) —Actor STEPHEN LEMME (Beta Theta Pi) –Actor RICK LENZ (Psi Upsilon) —Actor DAVID LETTERMAN (Sigma Chi) —Host JOSH LEWIN (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Sports commentator JERRY LEWIS (Alpha Epsilon Pi) —Actor, host RICHARD LEWIS (Alpha Epsilon Pi) —Comedian, Actor ART LINKLETTER (Alpha Tau Omega) —Host GARY LOCKWOOD (Delta Sigma Phi) —Actor THAD LUCKINBILL (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor PETER LUPUS (Sigma Chi) —Actor CHEECH MARIN (Phi Sigma Kappa) —Actor ED MARINARO (Psi Upsilon) —Actor JAMES MARSDEN (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor GARRY MARSHALL (Alpha Tau Omega) —Actor JERRY MATHERS (Chi Psi) —Actor DENNY MATTHEWS (Sigma Chi) —Sportscaster TIM McCARVER (Kappa Alpha Order) —Sports commentator MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor JAMES McDANIEL (Sigma Phi Epsilon) —Actor TED McGINLEY (Sigma Chi) —Actor ED McMAHON (Phi Kappa Theta) —Host COREY McPHERRIN (Sigma Chi) –Sportscaster WALTER MASSEY (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor JIM METZLER (Psi Upsilon) —Actor SETH MEYERS (Phi Gamma Delta) —Comedian AL MICHAELS (Sigma Nu) —Sports commentator, host AUSTIN MILLER (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor DENNY MILLER (Phi Gamma Delta) —Actor TY MILLER (Alpha Tau Omega) —Actor MARTIN MILNER (Phi Sigma Kappa) —Actor RICHARD MOLL (Kappa Alpha Order) —Actor WILLIAM R. MOSES (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor DONNIE MOST (Sigma Alpha Mu) —Actor ANSON MOUNT (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Actor ROGER MUDD (Delta Tau Delta) —News anchor, host PATRICK MULDOON (Sigma Chi) —Actor DERMOT MULRONEY (Phi Gamma Delta) —Actor JIM NABORS (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor PAUL NEWMAN (Phi Kappa Tau) —Actor WAYNE NORTHROP (Sigma Chi) —Actor MICHAEL NOURI (Kappa Alpha Order) —Actor PAT O’BRIEN (Delta Tau Delta) —Host, sports commentator MERLIN OLSEN (Sigma Chi) —Actor FESS PARKER (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Actor JAMISON PARKER (Tau Kappa Epsilon) —Actor DAN PATRICK (Phi Sigma Kappa) —Sports commentator, host J. EDDIE PECK (Sigma Nu) —Actor ROBERT PETERS (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor BILL PIDTO (Delta Chi) —Sports commentator ROBERT PINE (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor DANNY PINO (Sigma Phi Epsilon) —Actor BRAD PITT (Sigma Chi) —Actor TOM POSTON (Sigma Nu) —Actor TIMOTHY PROGUSH (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor HAROLD RAMIS (Zeta Beta Tau) —Actor JAY RANDOLPH (Delta Tau Delta) —Sports Commentator LEE REHERMAN (Chi Psi) —Actor DAVE REVSINE (Phi Gamma Delta) —Sports Commentator PAT ROBERTSON (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Actor CLAYTON ROHNER (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor CHARLIE ROSE (Kappa Alpha Order) —Host TONY ROBERTS (Tau Delta Phi) —Actor ANDY ROONEY (Sigma Chi) —Commentator JIM ROSS (Phi Lambda Chi) —Sportscaster TIM ROSSOVICH (Sigma Chi) —Actor CRAIG SAGER (Delta Tau Delta) —Sports Commentator SEAN SALISBURY (Delta Chi) —Sports commentator CHRIS SARANDON (Phi Sigma Kappa) —Actor FRED SAVAGE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Actor FORREST SAWYER (Alpha Tau Omega) —News anchor JONATHON SCHAECH (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Actor ROY SCHEIDER (Phi Kappa Psi) —Actor NED SCHMIDTKE (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor STEVEN SCHNETZER (Alpha Sigma Phi —Actor DAVID SCHWIMMER (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor GARY SEIBEL (Sigma Phi Epsilon) —Actor TOM SELLECK (Sigma Chi) —Actor GRANT SHAUD (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Actor JOHNNY SHEFFIELD (Delta Tau Delta) —Actor RICHARD SHOBERG (Alpha Tau Omega) —Actor GRANT SHOW (Alpha Tau Omega) —Actor RON SILVER (Sigma Alpha Mu) —Actor PHIL SIMMS (Tau Kappa Epsilon) —Sports commentator JEREMY SLATE (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor TOM SMOTHERS (Phi Sigma Kappa) —Comedian, host DAVID SPADE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Actor G.D. SPRADLIN (Delta Chi) —Actor JERRY SPRINGER (Tau Epsilon Phi) —Host SHADDOE STEVENS (Sigma Nu) —Actor JON STEWART (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Actor, host STEVE STEWART (Sigma Chi) —Sportscaster ERIC STOLHANSKE (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor ADAM STORKE (Chi Psi) —Actor DAVID SULLIVAN (Delta Tau Delta) –Actor NICOLAS SUROVY (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor JOHN TESCH (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Host ALAN THICKE (Delta Upsilon) —Actor EARNEST THOMAS (Kappa Alpha Psi) —Actor KEVIN TIGHE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Actor RIP TORN (Sigma Chi) —Actor MATT VASGERSIAN (Chi Phi) —Sports commentator NED VAUGHN (Kappa Alpha Order —Actor RALPH WAITE (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Actor MIKE WALLACE (Zeta Beta Tau) —Commentator WHIT WATSON (Phi Gamma Delta) —Sports commentator ROBB WELLER (Beta Theta Pi) —Host ADAM WEST (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor GENE WILDER (Alpha Epsilon Pi) —Actor SCOTT WOLFE (Alpha Epsilon Pi) —Actor PAUL WONG (Beta Theta Pi) —Actor JAMES WOODS (Theta Delta Chi —Actor ROBERT S. WOODS (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Actor MORGAN WOODWARD (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Actor ROBERT WUHL (Tau Kappa Epsilon) —Actor Rock, Pop, Easy Listening and Folk Musicians LEN BAKER (Phi Kappa Tau) —Sha Na Na BOBBY BARE, JR. (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Solo artist & vocalist Bare, Jr. JEFF BERES (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Bass player, Sister Hazel BRAD BOOKER (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Drummer, Stir PAT BOONE (Kappa Alpha Order) THE BROTHERS FOUR (Phi Gamma Delta —four original members) PETER BUCK (Delta Tau Delta) —Lead guitarist, R.E.M FELIX CAVALIERE (Sigma Phi Epsilon) —Solo artist, & vocalist, The Rascals DON DANNEMAN (Zeta Beta Tau) —The Cyrkle TOM DAWES (Sigma Nu) —The Cyrkle BILL DEAL (Alpha Tau Omega) —Bill Deal & the Rondells BUBBA DEAN (Sigma Chi) —Memory Dean RICK DEES (Pi Kappa Alpha) MARCO DiFELICE (Beta Theta Pi) —Lead singer, superGARAGE MATT DUDENHOFFER (Phi Kappa Psi) —Lead guitarist, Gravity Kills THE EVERLY BROTHERS (Tau Kappa Epsilon) FERRANTE & TEICHER (Tau Kappa Epsilon) —Pianists THE FOUR FRESHMEN (Tau Kappa Epsilon) THE FOUR LADS (Tau Kappa Epsilon) KEVIN GAGNEPAIN (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Bassist, Stir ART GARFUNKEL (Alpha Epsilon Pi) —Solo artist, Simon & Garfunkel DAVID GATES (Delta Tau Delta) —solo artist and lead singer, Bread JIM GRANT (Sigma Tau Gamma) —Bass player, The Five Americans JIM IBBOTSON (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Guitarist, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band DOUG JONES (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Cravin’ Melon GITI KHALSA (Delta Sigma Phi) —Seven Mary Three NICK LACHEY (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —98 Degrees, solo artist J. ADAM LAWRENCE (Chi Psi) —Guitarist, Milk the Cow THE LETTERMEN (Tau Kappa Epsilon) DEREK “YAM” LANDEL (Phi Kappa Psi) —Drummer, The HousePets RAY McCAMPBELL (Kappa Alpha Psi) —The Mac Band PAGE McCONNELL(Kappa Alpha Order) —Keyboard player, Phish JOHN McCAUGHAN (Beta Theta Pi) —Solo artist, lead singer, Mister Green JAY MEMORY (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Memory Dean JIM NABORS (Delta Tau Delta)— Vocalist JACK O’NEILL (Alpha Tau Omega) —Jackopierce VAN DYKE PARKS (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Singer, songwriter LES PAUL (Tau Kappa Epsilon) –Guitarist TREVOR PENICK (Pi Kappa Phi) —O-Town CARY PIERCE (Alpha Tau Omega) —Solo artist and co-leader of Jackopierce JASON POLLOCK (Sigma Chi) —Seven Mary Three MIKE RABON (Sigma Tau Gamma) —Lead guitarist of The Five Americans RICK RECHT (Phi Kappa Psi) —Solo artist and leader of Rick Recht Band JASON ROSS (Sigma Chi) —Seven Mary Three JIM RUTLEDGE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —Lead singer, Bloodrock BRYAN ST. PERE (Delta Chi) —Drummer, Hum MICHAEL SCHWARTZ (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Singer THE SERENDIPITY SINGERS (Delta Tau Delta —four original members) TOM SHIPLEY (Alpha Sigma Phi) —Brewer & Shipley PAUL SIMON (Alpha Epsilon Pi) —Solo artist, Simon & Garfunkel AL STAEHELY (Delta Tau Delta) —Vocalist, bass player, Spirit PAUL STOOKEY (Delta Upsilon) —Peter, Paul & Mary PETER STUART (Delta Tau Delta) —Solo artist and leader of Dog’s Eye View JOHN TESCH (Lambda Chi Alpha) —Pianist, Composer BOYD TINSLEY (Sigma Nu) —Dave Matthews Band, solo artist DEAN TORRANCE (Phi Sigma Kappa) —Vocalist, Jan & Dean NICK UHRIG (Pi Kappa Alpha) –Singer PHIL VOLK (Sigma Nu) —Paul Revere & the Raiders JOHN WODAREK (Phi Gamma Delta) —The Stickers PETER YORN (Delta Upsilon) Country and Bluegrass Musicians DUANE ALLEN (Delta Tau Delta) —Co-lead singer, The Oak Ridge Boys STEVE AZAR (Pi Kappa Alpha) DIERKS BENTLEY (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) –Singer MARK CASSTEVENS (Kappa Alpha Order) —Studio guitarist KENNY CHESNEY (Lambda Chi Alpha) GEORGE DUCAS (Sigma Nu) RADNEY FOSTER (Phi Gamma Delta) —solo artist, Foster & Lloyd PAT GREEN (FarmHouse and Beta Theta Pi) GEORGE HAMILTON IV (Kappa Alpha Order) JACK INGRAM (Alpha Tau Omega) GREG JENNINGS (Delta Tau Delta) —Lead guitarist, Restless Heart BUDDY JEWELL (Pi Kappa Alpha) –Singer BILL KEITH (Chi Psi) —Banjo player TRACY LAWRENCE (Sigma Pi) TRAVIS LUCY (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Deeper MARK DAVID MANDERS (Pi Kappa Alpha) TIM McGRAW (Pi Kappa Alpha) CORY MORROW (Phi Gamma Delta) MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHY (FarmHouse) WILLIE NELSON (Tau Kappa Epsilon) JAMIE O’HARA (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) —solo artist, The O’Kanes RANDY OWEN (Pi Kappa Phi) —Lead singer, Alabama ROB PICCOLO (Delta Tau Delta) —Lead singer, Red Dirt Rangers DAVID RAYBUCK (Pi Kappa Alpha) —Deeper CHRISTIAN SIMMONS (Pi Kappa Alpha) DANIEL SMITH (Pi Kappa Alpha) “RED” STEAGALL (Kappa Alpha Order) STEVE TURNER (Pi Kappa Alpha) –Studio drummer ROBIN WILLIAMS (Sigma Nu) —Robin and Linda Williams “HAWK” SHAW WILSON (Beta Theta Pi) —Drummer, BR-549 New Age, Jazz, World Music MOSE ALLISON (Kappa Alpha Order) KENNY BURRELL (Kappa Alpha Psi) DONALD BYRD (Kappa Alpha Psi) MONTELL JORDAN (Kappa Alpha Psi) BUD SHANK (Pi Kappa Alpha) BILLY TAYLOR (Kappa Alpha Psi) JOHN TESCH (Lambda Chi Apha) PAUL WINTER (Phi Kappa Psi) Opera WILLIAM JOYNER (Theta Delta Chi) WILLIAM WALKER (Phi Kappa Sigma)

Here are known members of the Baseball Hall of Fame from NIC member fraternities (list includes alumnus and honorary initiates): George Brett (Alpha Delta Gamma) player “Happy” Chandler (Pi Kappa Alpha) executive Mickey Cochrane (Lambda Chi Alpha) player Eddie Collins (Beta Theta Pi) player Billy Evans (Alpha Tau Omega) umpire Ford Frick (Phi Kappa Psi) executive “Lefty” Grove (Theta Chi) player Waite Hoyt (Chi Psi) player Ferguson Jenkins (Lambda Chi Alpha) player Sandy Koufax (Pi Lambda Phi) player Tommy Lasorda (Pi Kappa Phi) mana

[img aria-describedby="caption-attachment-1137" data-attachment-id="1137" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="203,308" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"0","credit":"","camera":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"0"}" data-image-title="babe-ruth" data-image-description="" data-image-caption="

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" src="" alt="Babe Ruth, Alpha Delta Gamma" width="198" height="300">

Babe Ruth, Baseball Player/Alpha Delta Gamma

ger Larry MacPhail (Beta Theta Pi) executive Lee MacPhail (Delta Upsilon) executive Christy Mathewson (Phi Gamma Delta) player Stan Musial (Sigma Tau Gamma) player Jim Palmer (Sigma Chi) player Branch Rickey (Delta Tau Delta) executive Eppa Rixey (Delta Tau Delta) player “Babe” Ruth (Alpha Delta Gamma) player Mike Schmidt (Beta Theta Pi) player Joe Sewell (Pi Kappa Phi) player George Sisler (Delta Tau Delta) player Bill Veeck (Beta Theta Pi) executive Billy Williams (Lambda Chi Alpha) player Tom Yawkey (Phi Gamma Delta) executive Broadcasters Wing (Ford C. Frick Award winners) Mel Allen (Zeta Beta Tau) Marty Brennaman (Kappa Alpha Order) Curt Gowdy (Alpha Tau Omega) Ernie Harwell (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) Bob Woolf (Sigma Nu) Writers Wing (J.G. Taylor Spink Award winners) Bob Broeg (Sigma Phi Epsilon) Ken Smith (Phi Gamma Delta) Alpha

Tau Omega—P Jason Szuminski, Padres Delta Tau Delta—OF-1B Shawn Green, Dodgers; 3B Brian Dallimore, Giants; C A.J. Hinch, Phillies; 1B-OF Dave McCarty, Red Sox; P Mike Mussina, Yankees Kappa Alpha Psi—OF Kenny Lofton, Yankees Phi Gamma Delta—2B Mark Loretta, Padres Phi Kappa Psi—3B Jeff Cirillo, Padres Pi Kappa Alpha—P Seth Greisinger, Twins Pi Kappa Phi—OF Jim Edmonds, Cardinals Sigma Chi—SS Mark DeRosa, Braves Sigma Alpha Epsilon—P Mike Gosling, Diamondbacks Sigma Nu—OF Jody Gerut, Indians Sigma Phi Epsilon—1B Sean Casey, Reds; P Kevin Jarvis, Mariners-Rockies; P Jon Rauch, White Sox-Expos

Basketball: Arnold “Red” Auerbach (Tau Epsilon Phi) coach Forrest “Phog” Allen (Phi Kappa Psi) coach Everett Dean (Alpha Tau Omega) coach Justin “Sam” Barry (Delta Upsilon) coach Clair Bee (Delta Sigma Phi) contributor Dave Bing (Sigma Alpha Mu) player Larry Brown (Lambda Chi Alpha) coach John Bunn (Beta Theta Pi) contributor Howard Cann (Phi Gamma Delta) coach Clifford Carlson (Phi Gamma Delta) coach Lou Carnesecca (Tau Kappa Epsilon) coach Pete Carril (Delta Tau Delta) coach Wilt Chamberlain (Kappa Alpha Psi) player Jerry Colangelo (Phi Kappa Psi) contributor Denny Crum (Phi Kappa Sigma) coach Everett Dean (Alpha Tau Omega) coach Alex English (Kappa Alpha Psi) player Harry Fisher (Theta Delta Chi) contributor Ed Diddle (Beta Theta Pi) coach Bruce Drake (Alpha Tau Omega) coach Gail Goodrich (Beta Theta Pi) player Cliff Hagan (Sigma Nu) player Vic Hanson (Zeta Psi) player Paul “Tony” Hinkle (Alpha Tau Omega) contributor Bob Houbregs (Alpha Sigma Phi) player Chuck Hyatt (Phi Gamma Delta) player Henry “Hank” Iba (Lambda Chi Alpha) coach Edward “Ned” Irish (Delta Upsilon) contributor Dan Issel (Pi Kappa Alpha) player Harry “Buddy” Jeannette (Lambda Chi Alpha) player Sam Jones (Kappa Alpha Psi) player Alvin “Doggie” Julian (Phi Kappa Psi) coach Bob Kurland (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) player Ward “Piggy” Lambert (Delta Tau Delta) coach Emil Liston (Sigma Phi Epsilon) contributor Ken Loeffler (Sigma Phi Epsilon) coach Arthur “Dutch” Lonborg (Sigma Chi) coach Clyde Lovelette (Sigma Chi) player Jerry Lucas (Beta Theta Pi) player Angelo “Hank” Luisetti (Delta Kappa Epsilon) player “Easy” Ed Macauley (Phi Kappa Theta) player “Pistol” Pete Maravich (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) player Frank McGuire (Phi Kappa Sigma) coach Walter Meanwell (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) contributor Ray Meyer (Phi Kappa Theta) coach Ralph Miller (Phi Kappa Psi) coach William Mokray (Theta Chi) contributor Ralph Morgan (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) contributor Charles “Stretch” Murphy (Delta Tau Delta) player Dr. James Naismith (Sigma Phi Epsilon) contributor Pete Newell (Phi Kappa Tau) coach Harlan “Pat” Page (Delta Tau Delta) player Bob Pettit (Delta Kappa Epsilon) player Andy Phillip (Delta Tau Delta) player Jim Pollard Delta Kappa Epsilon) player Ernest Quigley (Sigma Chi) referee Frank Ramsey (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) player William Reid (Phi Gamma Delta) contributor Oscar Robertson (Kappa Alpha Psi) player Bill Russell (Kappa Alpha Psi) player Abe Saperstein (Alpha Epsilon Pi) contributor Lynn St. John (Alpha Tau Omega) contributor John Schommer (Phi Kappa Sigma) player Dean Smith (Phi Gamma Delta) coach Amos Alonzo Stagg (Psi Upsilon) contributor Maurice Stokes (Tau Kappa Epsilon) player John Thompson (Sigma Chi) player Oswald Tower (Phi Gamma Delta) contributor Morgan Wootten (Kappa Alpha Order) coach John Wooden (Beta Theta Pi) player and coach George Yardley (Phi Kappa Psi) player

There have been hundreds of Greeks in the professional and amateur golf ranks since the 1930’s. The following is a list of pros and leading amateurs from NIC member fraternities who have played on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, PGA Senior Tour, Nationwide Tour, Ben Hogan Tour, Hooters Tour and national amateur events over the years: Tommy Aaron—Kappa Alpha Order Jerry Abbott—Sigma Nu Rick Acton—Psi Upsilon Ted Adams—Beta Theta Pi Don Albert—Alpha Tau Omega Jim Albus—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Dave Anthony—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Terry Anton—Pi Kappa Alpha Wally Armstrong—Pi Kappa Alpha Merle Backlund—Beta Theta Pi Andy Bean—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jim Benepe—Beta Theta Pi Chris Blocker—Phi Gamma Delta Lester Bolstad—Delta Kappa Epsilon John Brodie—Zeta Psi Kevin Burton—Beta Theta Pi John Paul Cain—Phi Gamma Delta Joe Campbell—Alpha Tau Omega Dick Chapman—Delta Kappa Epsilon Charlie Coe—Beta Theta Pi Ben Crenshaw—Kappa Alpha Order Dexter Cummings—Beta Theta Pi Jesse Daley—Sigma Chi Gardner Dickinson—Kappa Alpha Order Luke Donald—Sigma Chi Robert Donald—Sigma Chi Bruce Douglass—Alpha Tau Omega Skip Dunaway—Beta Theta Pi Scott Dunlap—Delta Tau Delta Dave Eichelberger—Sigma Phi Epsilon Walter Emery—Sigma Chi Randy Erskine—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jim Ferree—Sigma Chi Dow Finsterwald—Beta Theta Pi John Fisher—Chi Psi Scott Ford—Alpha Tau Omega Bob Friend—Sigma Chi Jim Gabrielson—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ron Garcia—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Buddy Gardner—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bill Garrett—Kappa Alpha Order Al Geiberger—Kappa Alpha Order Bill Gilbert—Phi Kappa Psi Bob Gilder—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Dave Glenz—Theta Chi Hubert Green—Pi Kappa Alpha Fred Haas—Lambda Chi Alpha Laurie Hammer—Phi Gamma Delta Jim Hardy—Beta Theta Pi Labron Harris—Alpha Tau Omega Jerry Heard—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Brian Henninger—Alpha Tau Omega Denny Hepler—Pi Kappa Alpha Bob Huber—Pi Kappa Alpha Travis Hudson—Phi Gamma Delta Earl Humphries—Sigma Ch Tom Inskeep—Beta Theta Pi Hale Irwin—Phi Gamma Delta Don January—Kappa Alpha Order Brandt Jobe—Beta Theta Pi Bobby Jones—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Grier Jones—Beta Theta Pi Gary Koch—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bill Kratzert—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Joel Kribel—Sigma Chi Franklin Langham—Kappa Alpha Order Gib Larsen—Sigma Chi David Lind—Pi Kappa Alpha Lawson Little—Chi Psi Rosser Little—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jim Logue—Beta Theta Pi Lynn Lott—Kappa Alpha Order Mark Lye—Theta Chi Casey Martin—Sigma Chi Don Massengale—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scott McCarron—Beta Theta Pi Mike McCullough—Sigma Chi Artie McNickle—Phi Kappa Tau Eddie Merrins—Kappa Alpha Order Cary Middlecoff—Kappa Alpha Order Steve Melnyk—Alpha Tau Omega Don Moe—Beta Theta Pi Vaughn Moise—Kappa Alpha Order Gil Morgan—Sigma Tau Gamma Michael Muehr—Theta Chi Bob Murphy—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jimmy Nelson—Pi Kappa Alpha Gary Nicklaus—Phi Gamma Delta Jack Nicklaus—Phi Gamma Delta Lonnie Nielsen—Pi Kappa Alpha Jerry Pate—Phi Gamma Delta Billy Joe Patton—Kappa Alpha Order Bill Pelham—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Peter Persons—Kappa Alpha Order John Pitt—Kappa Alpha Order Don Pooley—Sigma Nu Joe Porter—Sigma Chi Johnny Pott—Kappa Alpha Order Tom Purtzer—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jay Randolph—Delta Tau Delta Dean Refram—Sigma Phi Epsilon Rick Rhoads—Kappa Alpha Order Kemp Richardson—Kappa Alpha Order Larry Rinker—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Larry Romjue—Beta Theta Pi Hugh Royer—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bob Ruskin—Sigma Alpha Mu Ed Sabo—Sigma Nu Marty Schiene—Beta Theta Pi John Schroeder—Lambda Chi Alpha Tom Shaw—Theta Chi Dave Sheff—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Denny Shutt—Phi Gamma Delta Richard Sideroff—Beta Theta Pi Jay Sigel—Kappa Alpha Order Jim Simons—Kappa Alpha Order Terry Small—Theta Chi Bob Smith—Phi Kappa Tau Maurice Smith—Beta Theta Pi J.C. Snead—Sigma Phi Epsilon Grant Spaeth—Beta Theta Pi Bill Spannuth—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hugh Starkweather—Alpha Tau Omega Chip Stewart—Sigma Phi Epsilon Payne Stewart—Phi Gamma Delta Dave Stockton—Kappa Alpha Order Alan Strange—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bruce Summerhays—Sigma Chi Bill Tindall—Beta Theta Pi John Toepel—Alpha Tau Omega Gary Treeter—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tommy Valentine—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Harvey Ward—Zeta Psi Tom Watson—Alpha Sigma Phi Jack Westlund—Psi Upsilon Jim White—Phi Gamma Delta Web Wilder—Beta Theta Pi Evan Williams—Lambda Chi Alpha Bo Winninger—Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bob Zender—Alpha Tau Omega

Here are professional tennis players and leading amateurs from NIC member fraternities: Willmer Allison (Delta Kappa Epsilon) Arthur Ashe (Kappa Alpha Psi) Joel Bailey (Pi Kappa Alpha) Bruce Barnes (Delta Tau Delta) Ron Betteneaur (Phi Sigma Kappa) Malcolm Chase (Alpha Delta Phi) William Clothier (Phi Kappa Psi) Doug Collins (Alpha Sigma Phi) Ian Crookendon (Alpha Tau Omega) Dwight Davis (Alpha Delta Phi) Brian Devening (Beta Theta Pi) Wally Dill (Phi Sigma Kappa) John Doeg (Delta Kappa Epsilon) Pat Dupre (Zeta Psi) Herb Flam (Tau Epsilon Phi) Frank Froelling (Beta Theta Pi) Sam Giammalva (Pi Kappa Alpha) Francis Gonzales (Delta Tau Delta) Dick Gould (Zeta Psi) Clark Graebner (Delta Upsilon) Bitsy Grant (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) Fred Hovey (Alpha Delta Phi) David Kregel (Phi Kappa Tau) George Lott (Psi Upsilon) Barry MacKay (Phi Gamma Delta) Todd Martin (Delta Tau Delta) Sandy Mayer (Zeta Psi) Patrick McEnroe (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) Don McNeil (Delta Kappa Epsilon) Matt Mitchell (Zeta Psi) Bob Mooney (Alpha Sigma Phi) Gardner Mulloy (Lambda Chi Alpha) Chuck Pasarell (Beta Theta Pi) Walter Pate (Phi Kappa Psi) Dean Penero (Delta Chi) Dennis Ralston (Phi Sigma Kappa) Ham Richardson (Delta Kappa Epsilon) Marty Riessen (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) Nick Saviano (Zeta Psi) Vic Seixas (Chi Psi) Stan Smith (Beta Theta Pi) Hugh Stewart (Delta Tau Delta) Cliff Sutter (Beta Theta Pi) Roscoe Tanner (Zeta Psi) Bill Tilden (Delta Kappa Epsilon) Tony Trabert (Sigma Chi) Ellsworth Vines (Sigma Nu) Holcombe Ward (Alpha Delta Phi) Robert Wrenn (Alpha Delta Phi)