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7 Ideas: What to Do With Old T-shirts You Want To Keep

May 15th 2023

Everyone has a collection of old T-shirts from college that they don’t wear anymore but can’t seem to make themselves part with. Your old shirts are tied to memories (like your sorority or fraternity!) and while you may not want to wear some of them in public anymore, that doesn't mean they’re any less special to you. Instead of stashing old tees in a drawer or storage tote, why not up-cycle them into something you’ll be proud to put on display? Not sure what to do with old T-shirts you want to keep? Greek Gear is here to help with some ideas to get you started.

Turn them into a quilt/memory blanket.

If you have access to a sewing machine, this one is easy. Cut the shirts into equally sized squares or rectangles and sew them together to create a unique and personalized quilt. You can make the squares larger or smaller depending on how many T-shirts you use. No machine? No problem. Use iron-on hemming tape for a no-sew solution.

Create a T-shirt tote bag.

Carry your favorite memories wherever you go by turning old T-shirts into a tote bag. To create a T-shirt tote bag, cut the shirt you want to use into a bag shape and sew the bottom and sides together. Be sure to position your cuts so that you can still use the sleeves as the bag's straps.

Make a T-shirt quilted pillow cover.

Old T-shirts make the best pillow covers. Just cut the shirts into squares, making sure to keep all the design on the front intact, and then sew them together to make a pillow cover. Use two different T-shirts to make one pillow cover, or use the front and back of a single T-shirt to make a pillow cover with less waste.

Make T-shirt wall art.

This idea is super easy and a great way to highlight your favorite sorority or fraternity. Simply grab a large picture frame or poster frame, and frame a favorite shirt. You can also create a collage of shirts or cut-outs from shirts, to hang on the wall.

Create a T-shirt memory book.

This non-traditional T-shirt craft is easy and fun. Just cut out portions of each of your favorite shirts and glue them onto scrapbook pages to create a memory book. You can add as many or as few pages as you like but remember that more pages will make a bulkier book.

Create a T-shirt banner.

Hosting a reunion or special event? Cut old shirts into triangles and sew them onto a string to create a banner for a party or special occasion. You can ask everyone to donate a T-shirt for the cause to create a custom banner that’s meaningful to everyone.

Make a T-shirt apron.

Recycle old T-shirts into cute and comfortable aprons. Cut the shirt into an apron shape and sew it together to create a unique and personalized apron for cooking or crafting. You can even mix-and-match different T-shirts to create fun designs or use strips of leftover T-shirt material to create the apron strings.