Chi Phi Mugs, Cups & Glasses

It always seems as if cups slowly disappear from the kitchen over time -- especially when you live in a house with 30 other guys. Replenish your supply with Chi Phi Mugs, Cups and Glasses from Greek Gear. Have a cup of cheer when you order customizable drinkware from the Greek Gear catalog. The GG drinkware collection includes ceramic mugs, thermoses and glassware, like the beautiful Glass Stein. It's a sturdy clear mug that holds about 13oz of liquid. Because of its looks, some people choose to use it for decoration -- you can fill it up with marbles or stones instead of liquid and place it in a display case. We also carry a line of glasses for stocking a bar -- they make nice gifts for graduates and alumni. For instance, you can purchase a pair of Old Style and Mixing Glasses with your fraternity letters and crest etched onto the front. Have them personalized with the name of your alumni recipient. Additional glassware choices (including Design Your Own tools) are available when you click the "Shop Now" link at the bottom of the page. When the time comes that you need Chi Phi Mugs, Cups and Glasses for your own personal supplies or to give as gifts, come right to Greek Gear. You can place a bulk generic order or get personalized cups made just for you or your intended recipients.