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Chi Phi Stickers & Decals

Everything instantly becomes paraphernalia when you stamp it with Chi Phi Stickers and Decals. Some are imprinted with your Greek letters while others feature your full color crest logo. A decal is a quiet daily reminder of your affiliation or membership and your organization -- both for yourself and others. If you think about how many items you use, see or come in contact with on a daily basis, including your laptop, cellphone, reader devices, television, desk, bureau, book bag, car, headphones and notebooks. There's a space on each of these things for a Chi Phi sticker. The great thing about a sticker is that depending on the location where it's mounted, it will stay in place for years. For instance, the Greek Letter Window Decal is a vinyl sticker that will last on the outside of your car mirror, dorm room mirror or another surface for a long time. Almost all of the stickers you'll find in this section can be purchased for under $5. Make fraternity gift giving, crafting and decorating your dorm room super easy with Chi Phi Stickers and Decals. Place a large order for the best bulk pricing if you have a large group you're buying for.