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Delta Chi T-Shirts & Shirts

Delta Chi T-Shirts & Shirts

And investment in quality Greek merchandise is one that will pay dividends for many years into the future. Start off your collection with a few eye catching Delta Chi T-Shirts for members from .

The Whale Flag T-Shirt $10 just might become your favorite shirt to wear at school. It's a fun and colorful tee that features a happy whale above your fraternity name. Below that is the line "Established 1890" to commemorate your fraternal history. Another fun tee is the Essential Tie-Dye Lettered Tee. It's the type of shirt you wear for a one-time event that you and your fraternity brothers will probably never forget!

The classic t-shirt to give to new initiates after recruitment season is complete is the Vintage Greek Line Tee. The standard vintage line shirt for Delta Chi members comes in white with yellow lettering, but you can also get it in red, black or charcoal grey for a few dollars more. Our Screen Printed designs include Design #6, which features the axe and sword from your crest, and Design #9 which features your letters in red front and center over a black motif.

With so many Delta Chi T-Shirts to choose from, it's quite possible to have a brand-new shirt to wear each day of the week. Have fun shopping!