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Delta Kappa Epsilon Mugs, Cups & Glasses

You won't have to worry about running out of plastic cups again when you have Delta Kappa Epsilon Mugs, Cups and Glasses in your dorm room. It's environmentally responsible and more convenient to have your very own reusable cup.
You should probably drink more tea -- especially the kind that's antioxidant-rich. Motivate yourself by getting a special new mug for hot beverages like the Ceramic Stein. This is a mug that's a step up from the standard coffee mug in both size and design. The stein will hold 28 ounces of liquid and has gold-trimmed accents. Personalize it with your name and a meaningful motto, like "Kerothen Philoi Aei."
Enjoy a cold glass of milk, ice water or Gatorade in a DKE Nations Stadium Cup or Big Plastic Stadium Cup -- both come in red with gold and blue accents. And if you prefer to drink your soda or seltzer from a can, get a Pocket Can Coozie to keep in your dorm room.
Use your Delta Kappa Epsilon Mugs, Cups and Glasses for storage (a pen cup for your desk) or for your morning glass of water or instant coffee before class. They also make smart, useful gifts for new initiates.