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Delta Kappa Epsilon Desk & Office Items

If you spend the majority of your day behind a desk, whether at work or working on school projects, make the place where you work more inspiring with Delta Kappa Epsilon Desk and Office Items.
You can bring your desk up to date while keeping it traditional at the same time when you decorate it with the dark solid walnut wood keepsake box or the marble paperweight. Both have a similar engraving style with a place where you can enter about two or three words in a script font. If you want a touch of color, get a blue and white Wipe Erase Board and a red Hard Mousepad to go with your laptop or PC.
You'll find a few things in this section that you can store at your desk and carry with you in your briefcase, like the Business Card Holder and the Wooden Pen Set. If you want to make a proper impression at job interviews or when collaborating with others, these are must-haves.
Order Delta Kappa Epsilon Desk and Office Items, and when it's time to get to work, you'll always have something inspiring to look at to remind you that you're a "Friend From The Heart, Forever."