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Delta Kappa Epsilon Stickers & Decals

The men of Delta Kappa Epsilon are "Friends From The Heart, Forever." Get Stickers and Decals that will help remind you of this motto everywhere that you go on and off campus.
Stick with us if you want the latest and greatest in Greek lettered gear, including our selection of decals and stickers. One popular choice of members is the Crest Decal -- you get two stickers for one. The letters are bright and bold so that no matter where you apply them they'll be easy to notice. Put the bottom half on the back of your cellphone and the top half on your writing journal.
For a wider selection, order the Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet, which offers over a dozen stickers in varying sizes and colors. If you have a lot of items in your possession that you want to label with your letters, this is the best choice for you. For your car, get a few Oval Crest Bumper Stickers -- if you don't want to place it on the bumper, put it at the corner of a window.
Update all of your personal effects with colorful Delta Kappa Epsilon Stickers and Decals. They're a simple and effective way to express pride in your international fraternity every semester.