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Delta Phi Epsilon Jewelry

Greek Gear is the place that Delta Phi Epsilon sorority members visit for the best paraphernalia, including jewelry. Many buy our Jewelry and Lavalieres "just because" or for a specific purpose (such as a new member gift).

Pretty rings, delightfully elegant bracelets and unique watches -- we have all that and more in this section of our site. There's something extra special about wearing a piece of jewelry that features your letters and sorority symbols. It's a piece of jewelry that only you and your fellow sisters can wear.

One item you'll like is the Silver Circle Charm. Your Greek letters are designed to look similar to a "supergirl" logo. The Delta Phi Epsilon Sisters Bracelet is a friendship-style bracelet with two circular charms, one that simply says "sisters." It's a great way to commemorate the singular bond that you have with a sorority sister -- the ladies who you joined with or who invested time to help you to become a member. Buy two and offer one to the sister who you are closest to or most thankful for.

You will be pleased with the appearance of your Delta Phi Epsilon Jewelry and Lavalieres when they arrive in the mail. Most of these items will come packed in a beautiful little gift box.