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Delta Phi Epsilon Alumna, Graduation Stoles & Gift

The ladies of Delta Phi Epsilon have a reliable place where they can find gifts to give each other, including Alumna and Graduation Gifts for graduating seniors. Gifts include wooden boxes, pen sets and specialty shirts.

Getting to graduation day is a big deal. Help her celebrate the milestone by ordering her a unique Graduation Sash. With our Design Your Own app, you can add images, text and font choices to make it just right. Be sure to pick purple or gold for the sash color depending on her robe color.

Every time she picks up the Alumna Crest Frame she'll have a chance to reminisce on the sweet times she had as a sorority member in college. Take care to insert a picture that she really loves, like one where she's "throwing what she knows" with her favorite little sister or holding up a D Phi E flag at the beach. The frame is made of an attractive light-colored wood that will look beautiful on her desk at work.

Think of something clever or heartwarming to have engraved on your Delta Phi Epsilon Alumna and Graduation Gifts. They are probably going to be a very special part of her life for many years into the future.