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Delta Phi Desk & Office Items

Though some people now opt to work from a coffee shop or a couch, the traditional way of getting things done at a desk will never go out of style. Set up your work area for success with Delta Phi Desk and Office Items from Greek Gear. What a happy coincidence that you've found our selection of desk items right in time for the upcoming semester. After a long and fun summer, you've got to get yourself back into work-mode so that you can ace all your classes while recruiting for your fraternity. The Leatherette Portfolio with Notepad that we sell will help keep you on track with your assignments and to-do lists. It's also useful for school. You know how messy your desk can get when the school year is in full swing. Maintain some semblance of order by putting most of your small items in a Treasure Box. It's extra special because there's a slot for a photo. Insert a photo of you with your favorite people to help keep you motivated. Every Delta Phi man should have at least one of these practical, primo Desk and Office Items as a keepsake or for decor. If you have questions, text or call the Greek Gear customer service team.