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Delta Upsilon Car Merchandise & License Plates

Travel up and down the coast with Delta Upsilon Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames on your vehicle. At some point you're bound to meet someone along the way who shares your fraternal affiliation.

If you buy one Delta Upsilon License Plate Frame, you might as well buy two for both ends of your car or truck. The one we've created for DU members has a gold-colored panel with blue capitalized letters and is very affordably priced. If you decide that you want to pick the words that will appear on the frame, choose the Custom License Plate Frame product instead. One idea is to put your state name on the top panel and fraternity name on the bottom.

The DU Flag is easily recognized by fellow members and alum. If you have a truck with a hook up for hauling trailers, order the Flag Trailer Hitch Cover so that your flag will always be on display when you're traveling. There's another fraternity hitch cover on this page that's sapphire blue with Greek letters in gold and the 1834 establishment year of the organization.

Every Delta Upsilon member in school who drives should have Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames on his car to help promote the fraternity on and off campus. Buy car gear for yourself or for a friend in your chapter.