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Discount Greek Buttons & Keychains

If you've been thinking of what to add to a gift bag, mug, or basket for a new member of a Greek organization, start with Discount Greek Buttons & Keychains. These are simple yet very practical gifts that cost very little but matter a lot to recipients. If you're a chapter buying for a large group of new initiates, this is a great deal that will mean a lot to your giftees.

The bond between big and lil sis (or bro) in the Greek world is legendary. Commemorate your experience with your big or lil by ordering an exclusive Heart Valve Key Chain, which comes with two halves. Years later, you'll still think of that bond whenever you take a look at your keys and remember to call your "other half" in the Greek world to see how things are doing.

Fill up a grab bag or gift cup with the items we pack into the Sorority New Button Set. 110 percent sorority buttons are also popular, letting everyone know that you are more than committed to your new chapter. Fraternity buttons are an easy way to identify yourself as a member when you are at recruiting events and informationals for potentials to discuss the history of your organization.

If you're going to buy Greek Buttons and Keychains for your group, why not get them at a discount? We have more than a few items that will grab your attention and have you fully geared up for the new school semester!