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FIJI Fraternity Shirts

FIJI Fraternity Shirts

Because Phi Gamma Delta fraternity prefers to go by the name FIJI on its clothing, Greek Gear makes available a wide array of colorful shirts and T-shirts in various styles. You are part of a growing brotherhood that numbers more than 170,000 across more than 142 chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada, so when you see another brother - maybe a Graduate Brother - in a FIJI shirt anywhere in the world, you have forged an instant bond. Surely, Greek Gear makes the Phi Gamma Delta motto come alive: Not For College Days Alone.

Whatever your need - short- or long-sleeved - you will find an extensive selection of fabrics, cuts, and designs. Wherever you're going on campus or off, our FIJI shirts will always leave you feeling comfortable and looking good as you show the world you're a proud member of Phi Gamma Delta.