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FIJI Fraternity Mugs, Cups & Glasses

You've found the ideal place to find FIJI Mugs, Cups and Glasses to use at your chapter house or to give as gifts to distinguished members. They feature logos, symbols and colors that are unique to Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.

Fill your cart with cups and mugs that you can use every day at school or at home. You can stuff a Big Plastic Stadium Cup imprinted with the message "Brothers for Life" on the back into your book bag to use at the dining hall on campus. The FIJI Nation Coffee Mug can be personalized with your name so that no one else will use it "by accident" in the morning.

There are also some great glasses here to put on display in a case or for an alumni member to use to stock up a home bar. The Glass Stein is an attractive, clear cup that is decorated with a wreath-like logo containing your fraternal crest at the center. There's also a Mixing and Old Style glass engraved with images unique to Phi Gamma Delta.

Many of these FIJI Mugs, Cups and Glasses are also microwaveable and can keep your drinks either hot or cold. Get more than just one to take advantage of quantity discounts on some items. Contact the GG team for help with a custom order of drinkware from our catalog.