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Gamma Sigma Sigma Alumna, Graduation Stoles & Gift

She's going to miss being a Gamma Sigma Sigma undergrad the day after she graduates, but you can help make her transition easier by buying her memorable Alumna and Graduation Gifts. The catalog includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, picture frames and desk gear.

Always make efforts to stay connected with your alumnae members, because they are a constant source of support. Show them how much they mean to the chapter, still, with meaningful gifts like the Gamma Sigma Sigma Alumna Treasure Box. If there's anything small that she owns that she received while a member, whether it's a keychain or a pin with pearls, this box will be its new home for many years in the future.

Present a senior with an Alumna Sweatshirt Hoodie right after the graduation ceremony. Make this a group gift from the entire chapter. Though the photo displays the word "Alumna" in white, you can pick sparkle pink for the imprint color instead. Add a matching t-shirt to the order for a small added fee.

Make sure that Gamma Sigma Sigma sorority stays on her mind, along with your ideals of Service, Friendship and Equality, long after she becomes an Alumna member by getting her Graduation Gifts made just for members.