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Top Selling Items

Top Selling Items

True, it's a privilege to be a member of a Greek organization that's been around for over 100 years, but it's also a privilege to be the proud loved one of a fraternity or sorority member! Need some great gift ideas for your Greek this holiday season or for an upcoming birthday? Stock up on the top sellers you'll find in this popular section of!

One of our hottest selling items is the Greek lettered hoodie. The fraternity or sorority member in your life will wear this pretty much EVERY day. Sleep in it, go to class in it, sleep in class in it. Just enter the fraternity's letters. Another popular holiday gift to give a Greek is the Classic Rugby Shirt -- it's an attractive and distinguished looking striped long-sleeved shirt that goes with everything.

If you know a sorority girl who lives in a dorm or chapter house with a shared bathroom, make sure she has a few pairs of Greek Lettered Flip Flop Sandals to wear to the showers. They also love the Ladies Lettered Tank Top (just $19). And if you're shopping specifically for Christmas themed gifts, give customized Fraternity and Sorority Ornaments to the Greeks you love (click "View All" to see more options).

The great thing about getting all the top sellers on one page is that you know you're getting exactly what the fraternity or sorority member in your life would want. Take your time browsing these top-selling Greek gift ideas and customizing them to perfection. Contact the Greek Gear team at 866-473-3543 if you need any assisting placing your order.