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Iota Phi Theta Alumni, Graduation Stoles & Gifts

Your fraternity plays a big role in your college experience. Make sure you represent the group that made you who you are by wearing Iota Phi Theta fraternity graduation stoles or cords as you cross the stage and accept your diploma. Our graduation stoles and cords are part of standard academic vestments and coordinate with any graduation robe, whether you're graduating from an undergrad or graduate course.

Iota Phi Theta fraternity graduation stoles are shaped like a sash and are worn around the neck, draping over the chest on either side. The stoles incorporate the group's official colors and Greek letters. Select styles may also include the Iota Phi Theta crest or other features. Stoles are available in a variety of designs, including woven Kente stoles. If you can't find what you need, we also offer a design your own sash option, where you can start with a blank sash and include any colors, letters or features you like. In addition to stoles, we also carry Iota Phi Theta graduation honor cords in the fraternity's official colors.