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Iota Phi Theta Sale Items

When you're a college student you're lucky to have a few bucks left over at the end of the week for pizza. That's why we offer so many great deals on fraternity merchandise. This particular section is populated with Iota Phi Theta Sale Items.

Where else can you find a high quality cotton t-shirt featuring your Greek letters and symbols for around 10 bucks? Thats just what you get when you order the Crest Tee in white with gold lettering. Theres a faint image of your fraternal crest in the background. Theres also an inexpensive shirt in this section thats imprinted with the words Iota Phi Theta Nation in a bold font and an image of a centaur in brown.

Cotton t-shirts arent the only things on sale at Greek Gear. We also have long sleeved tees, hoodies and even button down oxford shirts. Theres a Lettered Long Sleeve for about 20 bucks that allows you to choose the color of your letters, apparel color and even add a crest to the right or left sleeve.

You can have it all, great para at a great price, when you shop our Iota Phi Theta Sale Items. Many of these high quality items can be worn or used throughout your entire college experience as a Greek.