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Kappa Alpha Psi Keychains

The more KAPsi paraphernalia you wear on campus, whether you are attending lectures or enjoying a meal at the dining hall with your frat brothers, the more likely potential members will notice and want to attend all your events. Even something seemingly small and inconspicuous like a keyring could catch a lot of attention, and you wouldn't even know it. Here you'll find a nice selection of Kappa Alpha Psi Key Rings & Keychains for members. Perfect for gift giving.

If you're going to have a key ring on your keys, it should be the best looking one possible that fits your personality. Something unique and colorful, like the Kappa Alpha Psi Rubber Crest Keychain. It's shaped in the form of your fraternity shield in full color. The Reversible Key Chain encases your shield inside of an oval frame along with your KAPsi Greek letters in a bold shade of red. On the reverse side your letters appear again in a vertical format.

In the hustle and bustle of your day on campus, you could possibly misplace your keys. This is why a lot of college students prefer to wear a lanyard. Purchase a woven embroidered lanyard for Kappa Alpha Psi members to hold your keys, badge, and other essentials.

These Kappa Alpha Psi Key Rings & Keychains will probably become collectibles one day, and you'll also probably still have one or more on your key chain long after you become an alum of your organization. Also keep these in mind when you're brainstorming gift ideas for the newest members of your chapter.