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Kappa Alpha Theta Jewelry

Kappa Alpha Theta Jewelry

Sorority life is full of wonderfully memorable moments, including formals, dinners with alum, dates with fraternity guys and everything in between. Get Kappa Alpha Theta Jewelry to wear to all of these occasions.

One of the most delightful pieces of jewelry we sell for Theta ladies is the Premiere Lavaliere. It gets that name because it's a high end piece made of quality, polished silver. It shines in the sunlight when you wear it around your neck. This charm comes with a 16 inch snake chain. If you want a sorority drop necklace with a bit more glamour, see the Sterling Silver Diagonal Lavaliere Set with Lab-Created Diamond accents.

A ring can be powerful enough to tell a story. For instance, the LOVE lettered ring tells the world that you're a serious sorority girl who loves her organization in one simple word. The O in love is converted to a Theta symbol. The Infinity Ring says that you plan to be an active member at heart in your sorority forever.

Whether you're just going to class, or you're getting dressed up to go to sorority events, you'll be glad you have Kappa Alpha Theta Jewelry. They are ideal accessories for classy sorority ladies.