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Kappa Alpha Theta Buttons, Pins & Magnets

You can't ever have too many sorority buttons when you're a college freshwoman. There are countless Kappa Alpha Theta events to attend where you can wear or use the Buttons and Magnets on this page.

A sorority button will clearly identify you as a "Leading Woman" of Kappa Alpha Theta. Get one in large, medium or small -- the more casual the affair the bigger the button. For instance, at house parties wear the 2.25 inch Heart Shaped Button. The I Love Mini Sorority Button is just 1.25 inches in size and is perfect to wear at an informational to educate interests.

When you have freshwomen over to your house to browse around, have the house rules and other literature secured to your fridge with a sorority magnet or two. The Greek Sorority Magnet set is a trio of magnets featuring images of kites and flowers. If you buy the Sweet Home Ceramic Magnet, you can type in your chapter name or school.

Pick out one, two, three or more of these cool Kappa Alpha Theta Buttons and Magnets for yourself and your fellow chapters sisters to share. They also make nice giveaway gifts and contest prizes for sorority gatherings!