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Kappa Alpha Signs & Flags

The Order is a trusted organization founded in 1865. That's a fact you want the world, or at the very least the freshman interests on your campus to know. Use Kappa Alpha Signs, Flags and Banners to tell your fraternity's story.

Make this year at school a "banner year" in every way with quality custom made signs from Greek Gear. When interests and PNMs see your crimson and old gold colors flying in the wind, they'll soon want to learn more about the faithful brothers of The Order. The Custom Line Flag is five feet wide and three feet tall with a red background and gold letters. You can type in a short phrase to appear on the bottom of the flag, like "Dieu et les Dames" or the chapter name.

When freshmen are exploring fraternity row, they'll be checking out all of the houses. Hang a Kappa Alpha Flag in the front yard or from your porch. There's one flag that allows two lines of personalized text, so you can make it the official house flag to be passed down year after year. Individual members often buy the glow in the dark Crest Neon Sign or Wall Pennants to put in their dorm rooms.

Rollout one of these Kappa Alpha Signs, Flags and Banners at your next event and watch how much attention it draws to your table from prospective new members.