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Kappa Alpha Paddles

A truly amazing gift is one that your recipient falls in love with at first sight. When the Kappa Alpha member you're buying for opens his box and sees one of these Paddles or Picture Frames, you'll know you made the right choice.

Fraternity guys really love to show off their prized paddles, whether by carrying them at parties or displaying them in their dorm rooms. Some even collect them. If you're looking for a gift for a KA brother who really loves paddles, add the Custom Full Color Paddle to his collection. It's a brightly decorated large paddle (nearly two feet long) with a red K and golden yellow A at the center.

If you're buying for a big brother or a new little brother who has just been initiated, check out the Deluxe Paddle. It's dark wood with light colored engravings and is meant as a gift between bigs and littles. If you prefer to give a gift that features your recipient's finest photo, be sure to check out the selection of picture frames toward the end of this page.

You'll find just about every type of fraternity gift you can think of at Greek Gear, including Kappa Alpha Paddles and Picture Frames. If you're a chapter ordering in quantity, a discount might be applied to your shopping cart.