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Kappa Alpha Stickers & Decals

Kappa Alpha Stickers & Decals

Your boring iPad or laptop cover could probably use a little "makeover." Adorn your personal items and electronics with crimson and old gold Kappa Alpha Stickers and Decals.

Stick them here, stick them there . . . why not stick them everywhere? These fraternity decals are the easiest way to instantly turn anything that you possess into Greek paraphernalia. The Crest Decal is a two-part sticker that would look awesome on your iPad or Kindle cover. The Euro Decal Oval Sticker is sized just right to fit on a notebook, journal or portfolio. You could also put it in the corner of a large mirror in your dorm room.

We also sell an entire sheet full of stickers for members of The Order. The Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet has various sizes, styles and symbols that matter to KA members, including the full coat of arms and Greek letters in an Olde English font. If you drive, grab a Long Window Decal for the back window of your car.

Express your excitement at being a new member of Kappa Alpha Order by buying an assortment of Stickers and Decals. With just a few sheets you can cover everything in your dorm room and maybe even your car or truck as well!