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Kappa Delta Phi T-Shirts & Shirts

Where do you usually find your t-shirts? Maybe you get them for free from your local gym, or as giveaways at fun events. This time, get a shirt with a message of your choosing -- buy Kappa Delta Phi T-Shirts from Greek Gear!

While twill lettered shirts will always be in style with Greeks, a lot of members like having plenty of screen printed tees to wear throughout the school year. Scroll a bit and you'll find a few basic options, including the College Shirt, with your fraternity name plainly imprinted across the front in a serifed font, and the Tail Shirt, which displays the organization's script font above a two-digit year (such as 00 for your founding year or your favorite number).

The Greek lettered tee will always be an old faithful for fraternity members in college, because the letters are easy so easy to see from even a far distance. The Sewn Lettered T-Shirt can be ordered in black with gold letters with a silver or white border / super background color. The color combinations are endless.

Every time you wear your Kappa Delta Phi T-Shirts you'll be expressing your fraternity pride to the world. With shirts as cheap as $10, what's stopping you from loading up your shopping bag right now?