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Kappa Delta Rho Jackets & Sportswear

Kappa Delta Rho Jackets & Sportswear

A good jacket or coat is a yearly purchase that is an important investment in your comfort and protection from harsh weather. If you're a Kappa Delta Rho and you're going to buy a quality coat, why not get Jackets and Outerwear that are adorned with your fraternity letters and images?
If you want a nice jacket for brisk weather, get the Crest Anorak. It's a sports-style jacket that looks lightweight, but has an ample flannel lining inside. There's a pocket in front and two on the sides, so you always have a safe place to store your portable electronics. If you want a frat jacket that matches your organization's colors, you're in luck. There's an option to buy a Navy Anorak with an orange stripe at the center.
If you want a jacket that looks and feels more like a cold weather coat, get the Crest Challenger Jacket. It resembles something that an astronaut or pilot might wear when he's on his way to fly the great blue skies. It has a thick lined torso and a collar that you can pull up to protect your neck from the wind and rain.
Invest in a quality coat from Greek Gear's selection of Kappa Delta Rho Jackets and Outerwear. In addition to great pricing, we also offer low-cost shipping to your US college dorm!