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Kappa Delta Rho Stickers & Decals

One of the simplest (yet also most useful) gifts you can get for a Kappa Delta Rho is a set of Stickers and Decals designed with fraternity images and letters. We have an array of choices for under $10.
Just about everything you own or carry around with you each day would look better with an attractive fraternity sticker on the front. The Euro Decal Oval Sticker looks a lot like a stamp of approval. Your letters are set inside of a circular frame and the full fraternity name is spelled out at the bottom. If you buy the Crest Decal, you get two bright blue and orange stickers for the price of one.
Depending on how many stickers you need this year, you might want to go ahead and buy the Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet. It's a full page of stickers in various colors (blue and orange included of course). You can buy one sheet and cut it up into individual stickers to give as gifts to new members.
If you're a little tight on funds but want to give a fun and useful gift, order Kappa Delta Rho Stickers and Decals. These are also great items to add to a gift cup or bag!