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Kappa Delta Sportswear

Kappa Delta Sportswear

You don't have to be a member of a sports team at school to wear Kappa Delta Sportswear. Just be a loud and proud member of team #GreekLife and of course #GreekGear.

Probably the sportiest thing a sorority girl can do is participate in a competition with other groups. If your campus holds intramurals, whether for charity or just bragging rights each year, get the entire KD team a Game Day Monogram Jersey to wear on the sidelines. It will show everyone that you're all unified and you're there to win.

If you're committed to your daily workout, you can buy a whole line of new workout clothes here, like a few pairs of Lettered Sweatpants in various colors. The sorority's letters appear on the leg of the pants in a solid color or pattern with two background colors. So you can create a pair of light gray sweatpants with different shades of green letters.

Put your Kappa Delta Sportswear in a special place in your dorm room so that you'll be motivated to get dressed for your workouts or sports practice in the mornings. Let us know how fast you need it and we'll be happy to accommodate your request.