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Kappa Delta Sweatshirts

Kappa Delta Sweatshirts

Before the signs of winter start to hit your campus, make sure you have plenty of Kappa Delta Sweatshirts in your closet already. We have some old trusty favorites as well as a few new additions to the catalog.

Being a sorority girl is a 24 hour per day job. Quality sweatshirts are useful morning, noon and night. In the morning you can wear the World Famous Crest Crewneck Sweatshirt while running. It's perfect for those dewey A.M. runs. In the afternoon, wear your Love Love Hooded Sweatshirt to the dining hall with your sisters. And at night, wear your Seal Crewneck Sweatshirt out for a traditional fall bonfire with your friends.

You can't control the temperature in the classroom or library, but you can control your own body temp by wearing a heavyweight quality sweatshirt, like the Custom Twill Hooded Sweatshirt. It can be customized in the colors you have envisioned, whether it's white with turquoise shimmer lettering or green white silver sequins.

You can represent your sorority in the most casual way, every day, by simply wearing Kappa Delta Sweatshirts around campus. Fill up your shopping bag today.