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Kappa Delta Christmas Ornaments & Gifts

Bring the holiday cheer you learned to enjoy as a kid to your sorority chapter house this year. We have Kappa Delta Christmas Ornaments and Gifts that will fit in perfectly with your dicor ideas.

Christmas just isn't Christmas until the tree is brought in and the first ornament is hung on a branch. There are so many "first ornaments" you can choose for your Kappa Delta tree, like the porcelain one that has a heart at the center, or the ball-shaped Personalized Christmas Ornament that can fit a first name. The Pewter Holiday Ornament is a really special item that also features a line of text so that you can add a special message like "Seasons Greetings."

If all you have is a mini tree in your dorm room and a few icicle lights lining your door, all you need now is a Design Your Own Christmas Ornament. Upload your favorite photo from the year and hang this ornament on the top of your headboard.

Begin your shopping for the holidays today by ordering Kappa Delta Christmas Ornaments and Gifts to use at your chapter house or dorm. Additional gift ideas, including apparel and home items, can be found on the Greek Gear main menu.