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Kappa Delta Signs & Flags

We know how much you care about your sorority and what it means to you. Express that to the world with olive green Kappa Delta Signs and Flags from Greek Gear.

If you think back to the first time that you became interested in Kappa Delta sorority, it was probably because of some type of sign or banner that you saw. Now that you're a member, it's your turn to attract the attention of new recruits with quality signs. Luckily, you have a quick and easy way to find what you need -- just visit this Greek Gear page.

The soft olive green background of the Chevron Flag is an attractive shade that will look beautiful hanging from any color wall. The Greek letters are patterned with green and white zig zag lines that might put you in the mind of Charlie Brown. For a more basic and professional sign, see the 3 X 5 Flag. It's perfect for forums and informational meetings.

Spark the interest of a new group of potential new members with Kappa Delta Signs and Flags from Greek Gear. After you fill your cart with custom signs, check out our Design Your Own section for more paraphernalia you can personalize.