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Lambda Chi Alpha T-Shirts & Shirts

Lambda Chi Alpha T-Shirts & Shirts

There is always going to be a good reason to order new Lambda Chi Alpha T-Shirts, whether you're planning to attend every sporting event scheduled during the year or every weekend party on campus.

You're the life of the party every time you attend, so why not show every bit of your Greek pride when you're out having fun with friends. This is the quickest way to get a freshman interested in your organization -- he sees your letters and the next thing you know you're having a conversation about your fraternity.

For the maximum impact, wear the Custom Twill Short Sleeve T-Shirt in a dark color (such as purple, charcoal grey or black) with a bright white border behind your Greek letters. It really makes the LCA stand out on your chest. Another cool tee is the Screen Printed T-Shirt Design #15, which has a large cross and crescent at the center to represent your organization's symbol. There are loads of other screen printed choices at your fingertips, so take your time and browse them all.

After you finish ordering your new Lambda Chi Alpha T-Shirts, visit the main menu to find even more Greek Gear including polos, oxfords and hats. You and your chapter brothers are definitely going to look great this semester!