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Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni, Graduation Stoles & Gifts

Our entire collection of Greek items would make great gifts, but this section in particular is narrowed down to special Alumni and Graduation Gifts for Lambda Chi Alpha undergrads and graduates.

Give an outgoing senior a proper sendoff with items that he'll need and use every day of the week when he graduates. For instance, when he attends networking events, he'll need a business card holder for his cards. There's an Alumni Business Card Holder for Greeks that will have his fraternity letters and colors engraved on the front. There's also an Alumni Coffee Mug that can be designed to read "Alumnus" along with the year of graduation.

Some gifts might not be used every day, but they will be cherished as mementos for a lifetime and longer, like fraternity rings and jewelry. Browse the full selection to see if we have the ring style you like best for Lambda Chis.

Pick one of these Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni and Graduation Gifts, wrap it up in a nice box and present it to your LCA friend on what will be one of the biggest days of his life. If you have questions about our product line, contact the Greek Gear team via phone, text or Live Help.