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Mason Jewelry, Rings & Cufflinks

Mason Jewelry, Rings & Cufflinks

Someone famously said that "diamonds are a girl's best friend." Well a good collection of Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks & Watches made especially for Masonic members are the best friend of any Mason who often attends formals and professional affairs throughout the year.

Just about every new Mason holds onto fraternal jewelry or pins for memorabilia, and to pass along to future members. For your special ceremonies, we have 3D Color Shield Pins that have either a black or blue G at the center. Wear this eye-catching, exclusive pin on the lapel of your suit or present one to a new member. They're very affordable at around $10 each.

Masons also love our selection of rings. Take a look at the Sterling Silver Masonic Ring with Coral Red Enamel and Czs -- it's decorated with sparkling CZ stones on the side. There's a matching one with black enamel as well. If you want a piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time, get Tungsten Ring. It resembles a wedding ring, but it has the Square and Compasses symbol engraved on the top.

Let us help you upgrade youe wardrobe for the year ahead with Masonic Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks & Watches. Remember that an investment in quality jewelry is a smart one, indeed -- especially when it's at such a reasonable price!