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Mason Key Rings & Keychains

If there's one piece of paraphernalia that just about every member of a fraternity organization owns, it's a Key Ring or Keychain with the fraternity's name, letters or symbols on the front. This page lists a variety of attractive Masonic keychains featuring the square and compass symbol.

For a key chain that reflects your personal style, pick up a stylish Square Etched Key Ring. It's a beautiful engraved charm stamped with an image of your iconic Masonic logo at the center. The image is so delicately engraved that it could almost be a piece of jewelry. It's perfect if you prefer to show regard to your fraternal organization in a discreet way.

There are other options to consider in this section, like the Reversible Key Chain. The tag is shaped like a long oval -- the Square and Compasses logo is on the front with the word "Mason" on the back. We also list a Domed Keychain with a blue marble background with your symbol at the center. These are impressive chains that will be around for a long time.

If you're a member of a lodge that is planning to accept new members soon, ensure that each person gets one of these Masonic Key Rings and Keychains as a gift to welcome them to your fraternal organization. It's a small souvenir that makes a huge impact!