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Top Selling Phi Beta Sigma Items

Top Selling Phi Beta Sigma Items

Our Top Selling Phi Beta Sigma Items are products that blue and white fraternity members all over the country buy every year. As you can see, they include clothing, coats, ties, paddles, jewelry and more.

When you want to look good at an informational or forum, you can't go wrong with a blue and white striped Rugby Shirt. It shows that you value your fraternity and your sense of personal style. Members also buy up the Flatbill Snapback Hats, which can be customized to perfection. You'll also be hard pressed to find a Sigma who doesn't have a good crossing jacket, like the zippered Phi Beta Sigma Anorak in blue or white.

Existing members who are shopping for brand new initiates (and vice versa) also frequent this page. We have a Deluxe Paddle that can be customized and given to a big or little brother. A nice inexpensive yet useful gift for a new brother is a blue and white Keychain designed with Sigma symbols, the founding year of 1914 and the chapter name or nickname of the recipient.

As you browse these Top Selling Phi Beta Sigma Items you'll soon see that there's something here for every member and just about every activity you have in mind for the semester. Let the Greek Gear team know if you have questions about placing a custom order.