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Phi Delta Theta T-Shirts & Shirts

Phi Delta Theta T-Shirts & Shirts

If you're on a tight budget, you'll do well in this section of Phi Delta Theta T-Shirts. Loads of quality shirts for under 20 bucks.

You worked so hard to become a member of Phi Delta Theta, so don't be shy about wearing your letters as much as possible at school. With all the options we have available in this section, you could have a different shirt to wear every day of the month. There are both long sleeved and short sleeved shirts for you to choose from.

Fraternity members love the Whale Flag T-Shirt (especially the great price) because it's fun and colorful. You can take the fun factor a step further by ordering an Essential Tie-Dye Lettered Tee, which is made with splatterings of light blue ink. If you're ordering for the whole chapter, browse the full listing of Phi Delt tees with various designs (each style is labeled with a number). Better pricing applies for bulk orders.

You'll be a happy customer when you open the box from Greek Gear containing your order of Phi Delta Theta T-Shirts. We make it easy to look good when you're participating in fraternity events, parties and gatherings with your brothers.�