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Phi Kappa Sigma Paddles

A gift made of wood is special because it is sort of like a present from Mother Nature. We have two main types of wooden gifts in this section: Paddles and Picture Frames for Phi Kappa Sigma members. Both are winners.
Ever since ancient times, people have been carving wood and using it as furniture or for decoration in their homes. That's probably why wooden paddles are still popular in fraternity houses across the country -- it's a long piece of quality wood that can be engraved with various messages and intricate images. Click through to the Design Your Own Custom Greek Paddles link and you'll find plenty of paddle shapes, including one that has a cross as the handle and another with the Skull Crossbones Symbol.
Chapter houses often display group photos of members in their sitting rooms and dens. If you want to keep things consistent, get the Black Wood Picture Frame for each yearly photo. You can put the current year at the bottom of each frame.
If you need help customizing your Phi Kappa Sigma Paddles and Picture Frames, don't hesitate to email or send a Live Help request to the Greek Gear team. We can help you create the perfect present for your Phi Kap brother, son, family member or friend.