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Phi Mu Stickers & Decals

As soon as your furniture and home goods are moved into your new dorm room, start decorating the place with Phi Mu Stickers and Decals. There are dozens of options here at your fingertips.

Get a lot of stickers to give away to your new recruits when they attend their "welcome to the sorority" party. That's easy to do when you buy a set of Multi Greek Decal Sheets. Just trim each individual sticker from each page, mix them up and let them take their pick. Add a few other stickers to the mix, like the Monogram Decal and Sorority Seal Bumper Sticker.

Decals also look nice on your walls, drawers, mirrors and doors. Let every visitor know that your dorm room is a place of peace and balance by putting a Well Balanced Round Decal on your door. Place the gorgeous Floral Greek Monogram Sticker at the top of your bathroom mirror so that you'll have something pretty to look at (other than your reflection) each morning.

We also sell Phi Mu Stickers and Decals that are designed specifically for your car or truck on this page and in the "Car Merchandise" section. Everywhere you go, you'll see a reminder of your membership in the sorority of "Faithful Sisters."