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Phi Mu Pajamas, Towels & Robes

Skip the trip to your local department store and come right to for Phi Mu Pajamas, Towels & Robes. There are a lot of new perfect pink and white items for you to order here.

Treat yourself to a brand new set of sorority pajamas to celebrate a brand new year at college. If you already have a favorite top, just get the bottoms -- the Flannel Plaid Pant pajamas. They come in dark fuschia as pictured, which might be your preferred color, but you can also buy them in purple, black and a few other colors. Add sparkly Greek letters for a small added fee.

A towel maybe the last thing on your mind when you're getting ready to come back to school, but it's still a much needed necessity. Get a set of Phi Mu Golf Towels, which are classic white towels outfitted with a convenient hook and an image of the sorority crest at the bottom. Also, add color to your linen closet by ordering a large pink Love Bath and Beach Towel.

Part of having a comfortable dorm life is having comfortable Pajamas, Towels & Robes to wear. We also sell Phi Mu home goods, including sorority blankets, picture frames and pillow cases.