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Top Selling Phi Mu Items

Top Selling Phi Mu Items

If you're curious about the Top Selling Greek Items for Phi Mu members, the list is right here. See all of the wonderful rose and white merchandise we've compiled into this section.

As a member of the chapter board, you're likely to be expected to represent the chapter at regional meetings and Greek college gatherings on campus. One way to wear your letters in these settings is to put a silver Jewelry Lavaliere around your neck. Your letters will shine and glimmer as you're doing your presentations in front of interests and dignitaries.

The Phi Mu Patch Seal Ladies Modal Blend 3/4-Sleeve Raglan is the perfect little sorority blouse. It's featured in fuschia but you can also buy it in white, warm grey and an assortment of other shades. It's distinguished by its circular seal patch with a quatrefoil symbol at the center and your 1852 founding year at the bottom. You'll think it's all the more perfect when you see the price tag on this popular sorority shirt.

Be the latest member to buy something sweet from our listing of Top Selling Items for the faithful sisters of Phi Mu. Each item has a special use or significance for members of your organization.