Phi Sigma Phi Stickers & Decals

When you finally get accepted to the fraternity of your choice, it is a momentous occasion, just like when you were accepted to the college you wanted. Commemorate it with Greek Gear's selection of Phi Sigma Phi Stickers and Decals.

You don't have to pay a lot of cash to get Greek paraphernalia -- just sticker the stuff that you already have. Do you have an iPod that you bring to your morning runs in the park? Sticker it with a small decal. Do you have a portfolio that you carry with you everywhere you go? Label it with an attractive sticker like the Color Oval Decal.

Many of our customers buy the Long Window Decal Sticker to place in a car or truck, but if you think about it, the mirrored design makes it possible to use it on the inside of any window in your dorm as well. Buy one for your chapter house to place on the front window to welcome visitors.

Order more than enough Phi Sigma Phi Stickers and Decals because over time you'll probably find more places to put them. For more fraternity dicor ideas, like blankets and things that you can mount on your wall, see the main menu.