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Phi Sigma Sigma Sweatshirts

Phi Sigma Sigma Sweatshirts

The first time you attend class as a new Phi Sigma Sigma, go wearing one of these Sweatshirts. There's no clearer indication to your classmates that you're a member of one of the most illustrious sororities on campus.

Some of your most memorable times on campus will be spent in a hoodie and blue jeans. Simple, casual and relaxed. Get a hoodie that puts your sorority pride on full display, like the Sewn Sweatshirt Hoodie. The letters appear to be woven in the cotton fabric, but they're actually securely sim-stitched to the material. They're made of a twill cloth that retains its bold color beautifully.

Another way to let the world how much you adore being a Phi Sig lady is to rock the Love Love Hooded Sweatshirt on campus. It's the perfect shirt to wear on days when you're throwing a big event or getting ready for rush week. If you go to school in the same state where you were born, order a State Sweatshirt. Type in your college state or town and choose an imprint color.

When you make your first para purchase as a Phi Sigma Sigma member, make sure a couple of these heavyweight cotton Sweatshirts are in your shopping bag.