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Phi Sigma Sigma Signs & Flags

The women of Phi Sigma Sigma count on Greek Gear to provide them with products that are full of color and flair. That's what you'll find here in our catalog of PSS Signs, Banners and Flags.

Every time you and your sisters go out as a group, you should have a sign to bring along to put up and preside over the day's activities. For a fun day at the beach, bring a Polka Dot Giant Flag. We've designed it in various shades of blue with an oval shaped emblem at the center containing your polka dot patterned Greek letters. Hang it from the back of your beach chairs, or nearby the place where you'll be playing beach volleyball.

For formal events, like sorority auctions or galas, purchase the 3 X 5 Flag. It's blue with gold accents and letters with a light image of the sorority crest in the background. Add up to two lines of text -- it can be a phrase, like "Aim High" or the date when your school's chapter was formed.

Being a member of a sorority comes with a lot of responsibility, but it's also very rewarding. Invest in Phi Sigma Sigma Signs, Banners and Flags so that you and your sisters can have a visual representation of how proud you are to be members.