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Pi Kappa Alpha T-Shirts & Shirts

Pi Kappa Alpha T-Shirts & Shirts

When the spring and summer seasons hit your campus, a cool cotton tee is a must. Find an array of 100% cotton screen printed T-Shirts for Pi Kappa Alpha members in this section of Greek Gear.

You'd be surprised if you knew just how much potential interests pay attention to the Greek shirts you wear every day to school. That's why it's a good idea to wear them as much as possible. With a selection like what you see displayed on this page, that's an easily reachable goal. Even the simplest of designs, like the LOVE PIKE T-shirt can really make an impact on your peers.

Wear something "zesty" to school one day to really get the attention of potential new members, like the Essential Tie-Dye Lettered Tee. It's a tribute to Woodstock and the 70s with its wild tie-dye design. At parties, wear our Screen Printed T-Shirt Designs, which are crafted by our team to include your most important fraternity symbols and info. For example, Design #18 features the sword from the Pike coat of arms and the establishment year of 1868.

You can get a lot of necessary shopping done at Greek Gear -- everything from school supplies to signs. Start things off easy by adding a few Pi Kappa Alpha T-Shirts to your shopping bag today.