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Pi Kappa Phi Christmas Ornaments & Gifts

Does your chapter make a big deal out of the holiday season? Christmas tree, decorations, lights on the house and more? If so, let use help you celebrate the upcoming holiday seas with beautiful Christmas Ornaments, Holiday Gifts and more from the Greek Gear catalog.

Ornaments are the perfect way to add a touch of class and holiday cheer to your chapter house. We have ceramic, metallic and glass ornaments, and some of them can be personalized. For instance, the standard Pi Kappa Phi Christmas Ornaments are delicate white balls imprinted with Christmas images on one side and the PKP crest on the front. Below that you can add your chapter name or the current year.

Theres also a selection of clear glass ornaments in our catalog, like our gorgeous Glass Bell Ornaments. They are small charms shaped like “silver bells” and imprinted with your fraternal crest and letters. You can also use the Design Your Own Glass Ornament link to make something unique with images and text.

These Christmas ornaments and holiday gifts can be kept in the chapter for many years, dusted off and used again whenever the month of November or December rolls around. Select the option to view all gifts if theres something specific youre looking for thats not on this page.