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Pi Kappa Phi Signs & Flags

The more they see your Greek letters on display around campus, the more interests are encouraged to find out more about your organization. One way to grab their attention is with high quality Pi Kappa Phi Signs and Flags.

The best promoters and advertisers know that the more someone sees your logo or message, the more likely they are to have the image imprinted on their minds. Thats why you need a great sign for your chapter, like the Pi Kappa Phi Vinyl Banner. Its a colorful flag covered from end to end with your colors and insignia. The Nations Giant Flag is another good pick if you want to grab attention of potentials. You can have it personalized with your chapter name and founding year or motto.

If youre just looking for a few banners or signs to hang up in your chapter house or dorm room, youll find that here too. For instance, the 3 x 5 Flag is a good one to hang in the foyer of your house to welcome visits. Theres also a USA flag with your Greek letters in red, white and blue to show your patriotism all year long.

You have an important mission: brotherhood, leadership and service to your community. Make sure you go out to meet the world with quality Pi Kappa Phi Signs and Flags from .