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Pi Kappa Alpha Robes, Towels & Slippers

If you’re going to wear flip flops and slippers around the house, why not wear house shoes made just for Pi Kappa Alpha members!? That’s what we offer in this special section -- footwear for the home and for wearing to class (if there’s really any difference between the two at 8am!).

Lettered Flip Flops are some of our best sellers—they’re a major upgrade from the standard styles you might find in stores. For instance, the Chevron Color flip flops are made with your colors and a lettered emblem containing your name, so your roommate will think twice before borrowing them for the shower! And if you want to be comfy and classy while shuffling around the chapter house, get a pair of Crest or Solid letter slippers. As you can see, we have your feet covered here at !